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How many years does Point Finance Broker have a history?

This broker has been operating since 2017.

What are the regulations of Point Finance Broker?

The company is currently supervised by the          

     Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC).  More details …

Which charts does your broker offer for trading?

The company is currently supervised by the              

Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC).  More details …

How many types of accounts do you have to offer?

 You can choose one of the four types of accounts in Point Finance based on your needs.  Account types include Standard, Silver, Gold, Platinum.  Click for more details.

What is the minimum capital for opening an account?

The minimum capital to open a real trading account is $ 100.

Do you have an Electronic Communication Network (ECN) account?

All trading charts of this broker are provided in ECN.

Does Point Finance Broker have a copy trading trust?

No, this broker does not have this trust until further notice.

What are the spreads of the major currency pairs?

Use this link to see the details of feeds.

Is the Asrami account provided by this broker?

In line with the policy, respect for investors’ rights is not provided in the general account (SWAP = 0).

What is the maximum trading leverage (LEVERAGE)?

The maximum trading leverage is 200.

What are the documents required to open a real information account?

1- The image of the first page of the passport for foreign investors and the idea of the procedure, and the back of the national card for individuals

  Who reside in Iran.

  2- One of the electricity, water, or telephone bills or the lease or the house document, which is to the address and name of the account holder to  You mean by transfer of capital (house and lease documents are accepted in the name of degree or transfer capital).

What are the deposit and withdrawal methods from the accounts?

Investors can charge and withdraw using the methods of Web Money, Perfect Money, Cryptocurrencies, Visa Card, Card Card, Rial Deposit using an exchange office.

What is the best deposit and withdrawal method for investors in Iran?

  The best way for investors inside Iran is to use the Rial deposit and withdrawal method to ensure it will be done through an exchange office.  To use this method, you must send a message to the site support.  Charging time in this method may be up to 30 minutes.

How long does it take to deposit and withdraw from the account?

Deposits to the account will be made 15 minutes after confirmation and withdrawal from the account for a maximum of 24 hours.

What are Point Finance support services?

All support services include technical questions, tracking deposits and withdrawals, frequently asked questions about the opening feature

  Accounting and trading information, etc., is possible through WhatsApp and Telegram chats, as well as requesting phone calls.

Teacher charts are run on which platform?

  MetaTrader 5, which is the latest version of this platform, can be downloaded through this broker’s official website if it is not available

How do investors in the digital financial markets make a profit?

  In digital financial markets, investors may trade 24 hours a day, five days a week.

  Brokers can examine and review price charts and market movement trends after registration and capital.

  Presentation is provided.  In the financial markets of investors, henceforth, we call them traders with technical analysis

  Market trends and also by studying the fundamental news to analyze the market and then according to the values ​​provided

  Buying and selling currency pairs due to in the Forex market, buying and selling the value of precious metals

  Concerning currencies, consumer goods such as sugar and coffee concerning currencies as well as buying and selling the value of digital currencies

Encrypted relative to other currencies.This market is a two-way market in buying and selling and allows traders to make several tradeshe does

What are the essential benefits of financial markets?

  It is possible to perform the examination 24 hours a day, five days a week, without any time limit  Ability to trade at home, work, and even anywhere else just by connecting to the Internet with a computer  Personal or laptop or tablet and mobile.  International financial news and information and the possibility of increasing and decreasing the price of any investment platform Such as dollars and gold and digital currencies as well as nurture economics and family students Ability to quickly learn international stock trading that lasts a maximum of 3 months and then traders

They may make daily use and trade profits, depending on the durability of several university courses

  Years in most disciplines, learning and earning from this job can be very costly and profitable.

Where do broker companies' profits come from?

 Brokerage companies based on providing services and connecting traders to international financial markets as well as providing charts Transactions receive a fee, and this fee includes the profit from the difference in the purchase price And the sale of the traded value in the future is referred to as the spread.  For example, when you visit an exchange office To convert one currency to another, you are faced with a certain amount of difference in buying and selling that currency, which, according to Our previous definition is called the spread difference.  Now the broker first opens and closes the transaction by you It deducts some of the profit from the transaction from your account and the rest from your account. The following income of brokers is from maintaining transactions and creating security for your financial accounts at night The term is called night interest or SWAP.  See the exact details of the amount of these commissions from this link.

Why should you trust your broker?

Due to the sensitivity of the capital transfer sector and the risk of trading in financial markets, brokers

Point Finance always tries to provide accurate and correct information about the behavior of financial markets in trading charts

And also, considering the required standards by obtaining legal permits is always trying to

Attracting more investors and providing optimal services is a vital step towards expanding the industry as much as possible

Trading in international stock markets, in our opinion, with honest behavior and providing the correct information and

Professionally, with the further expansion of this industry, rich mutual profits are waiting for brokers and traders, and behavior

Professionalism in this industry is the brightest way to reach a good network of international stock exchanges.

What services does Point Finance Company provide for the growth and training of

 Due to the sensitivity of trading in international financial markets, Point Finance Company, in line with policy Attracting traders as well as expanding their trading network, creating a cohesive market introduction network, offering courses Short-term and long-term training, providing analysis on trading charts, creating an analysis channel, and presenting news Fundamentals and has formed with professional traders that in this club by exchanging views between traders Professional and review of their trading methods, always the field of learning trading knowledge and study of financial markets between International for all investors. According to this broker, creating a network of educational services and increasing the level of investor awareness as much as possible More trades and turnover in the extensive network of Point Finance traders increased, and the field of profitable profits It is provided bilaterally.

How long does it take to trade in international financial markets?

 According to the mentioned cases, this industry can be done 24 hours a day, five days a week (Monday to Friday)But every economic activity has a series of golden trading times, the best trading hours in this Markets are Iran time from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, at this time, the market with a high volume of market transactions And London and New York, as well as fundamental news from the economic behavior of various governments in the form of The are constantly being published. It is worth noting that there is no time limit for trading, and you can at any time of the day or night Make your profitable trades.

What is the guarantee that Point Finance will pay the principal and profit from the transaction?

 Considering the role of brokers in international financial markets as well as their services in making trading possible The licenses received and, most notably, the financial deposits of these brokers to obtain the necessary permits are always marginal. The security and tranquility of traders in dealing with regulated brokers is provided; in this regard, Point Broker By obtaining legal licenses, Finance is always committed to returning the original capital and profit from transactions. And most importantly, building mutual trust is the best policy to attract respectable investors, create more financial cycles, and consequently, more profit for Point Finance, which we have come a long way to achieve.

What is the advantage of Point Finance broker over other brokers?

As previously mentioned, Point Finance Broker by obtaining valid licenses and also creating a collection expansion network Gathering and presenting information on various financial markets’ movements is one of the pioneers of this business. Another advantage of this broker is commercial activity in the territory of our beloved country Iran and due to the cessation of cooperation Many brokers with traders living in Iran, now Point Finance with elementary conditions of registration, account opening And account recharge by various ports and as soon as possible, your service, dear friends inside and outside Iran is.